Wednesday, 20 July 2011

Postitive Current

Let's get it out of the way ...

Pushnote is a no for me. As many other blogs have noted it is too early in it's life, many, many people
are the key to social sharing and this just doesn't have enough. This does not mean I will get rid of it though. I will be (occasionally) casting a beady eye over it now-and -again, so I don't miss anything. For now though- no.

On to the Nitty-Gritty...


Oh my beloved RSS, always waiting patiently for me to come back and read you.

I have been using RSS for about a year and I find it a brilliant way to stay up-to-date. I mainly have library blogs in my RSS reader and I can't imagine having more than about 100 in there at any one time. More than this and information becomes overload and I turn my head away in horror. I really can't imagine life without Google Reader the ideas from my favorite places all collated and accessible from anywhere. There is some tangley, long since stopped flowering deadheading to do with this Google Trends I have been reading about. I will continue to read posts through my RSS reader, although I will try to comment more often!
Picture of flowers to demonstrate Google Trends. Photo by Moyan Brenn


I am in agreement with
Lyn Bailey on Twitter. I also have a love/apathy relationship with the old Twitter bird.

When I am in full swing (boring train journeys, breaks at work, procrastination) I love it. Tiny bits of thought dashing about, it is wonderful seeing all the many perspectives there are out there. I love reading other librarians tweets, finding out what people are up to what they think of a particular trend. To this end hash-tags are brilliantly useful, especailly when using Tweetdeck with hash-tag feeds set up.

In my experience Twitter is a circle you build of people who are knowledgeable and share current professional awareness, which is perfect for getting to know the latest info and getting the movers and shakers to (at least) recognise your name.

And then there are the times I forget it exists completely. I have never been much of a tweeter, I prefer to read and ruminate on the material posted by others. I also suffer from the why-would-any-one-be-interested-in-what-I-have-to-say-itus. By the time I remember and go back a million conversations have passed me by and my voice has been eroded by them. I feel as I have always done about Twitter that it is a brilliant resource for cpd but to make greatest use of it you have to be continually involved in a never-ending conversation.

Monday, 18 July 2011

The right brand for me?

My first thought after I read the post for this thing was uuuuurrgh, yuck, branding! Which was why I loved Library Wanderer's post on branding (it's very funny) so much. None of us want to be a box of Alpen!

BUT the concept of branding got stuck in my head though and after ruminating on it for about a week I began to back-pedal. Joeyanne Libraryanne does make an interesting point, that you have a chance to show the world the perfect image of yourself, your crafted brand. Thinking about it this week I've realised my online presence is important to me and I know I don't always project the image I want to.

The reason I guard my Facebook privacy so carefully is that I don't want my personal life to spill over into the more professional image I want to portray here, or on my Twitter profile.

Even in these places I haven't quite got my image, my brand, precisely how I would like it. I think this is mainly that I am still growing into my role as a contributing blogging librarian.

My profile picture differs on Twitter, Facebook, Google and here on my blog, as I had
thought of them as separate entities. I also enjoy the variety of having different pictures and backgrounds in different places. My blog here is quite sparse while my Twitter homepage is a mish-mash of colour and far more painterly.

The more colourful me

I would like to have a thread that connects them all, and gives them an overall consistency while letting them remain different from each other, and I will put thought into how I can achieve the feel I want.

I don't think having a brand is a necessity for librarians, as it would be for a library, but it does help to project a professional image and to help readers follow through the various platforms that many a blogging librarian exists on. My aim is going to be by the time I get to Thing 5 Reflective Practise will be to come up with a brand, or at least a more consistent thread!

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Commenting verses Lurking


I love reading other peoples thoughts about librarianship and blogging. I have a few favorites tucked inside my RSS reader, I've always enjoyed hearing what
the wikiman and Library Wanderer have to say. One of the things I love about these 23 things courses that it gives you a lot more to peruse and ponder.

I have gone down the very large cpd23 list and picked out some geek-influenced names such as Oracle: Librarian of Prey, who I now know has a very interesting blog. I have also been guided by my favorite bloggers, which has led me to CPD, by George another well written blog. No doubt I will find more lovely bloggers out there as I continue to read my way through!

Not Lurking

I will persevere with commenting. Commenting on other people's blogs is something that I think will slowly reap rewards the more I do it. For me commenting and blogging are ultimately about becoming more out-spoken in the discussion surrounding libraries and library issues.

Friday, 24 June 2011


The Sensible Part:

I did the Cam23 programme last year, so I expect like many others I will just be dipping back in to experiment with the new things and have another go at the things from last year that I didn't get on with.

The problem here is that I am not really a blogger. I post a flurry and then all goes quiet for weeks, even months! Also I have a tendency to lurk...

I learnt such a lot from Cam23 last year, I have to say mainly from reading other people's blogs. I am hoping that Cpd23 will get me reading and thinking about library issues once more.

The Geek Part:

Part of this will involve watching Read or Die! This was blog was named after the main character, Agent Paper aka Yoriko Readman, a librarian working for an external intelligence agency within the British Library. She possesses a "double 0" certification that denotes a "license to kill" and can bend paper to her will.

Read or Die!