Friday, 24 June 2011


The Sensible Part:

I did the Cam23 programme last year, so I expect like many others I will just be dipping back in to experiment with the new things and have another go at the things from last year that I didn't get on with.

The problem here is that I am not really a blogger. I post a flurry and then all goes quiet for weeks, even months! Also I have a tendency to lurk...

I learnt such a lot from Cam23 last year, I have to say mainly from reading other people's blogs. I am hoping that Cpd23 will get me reading and thinking about library issues once more.

The Geek Part:

Part of this will involve watching Read or Die! This was blog was named after the main character, Agent Paper aka Yoriko Readman, a librarian working for an external intelligence agency within the British Library. She possesses a "double 0" certification that denotes a "license to kill" and can bend paper to her will.

Read or Die!


  1. READ OR DIE? Seriously, though, how useful is the ability to bend paper at will? You might have to explain that a bit more. I reckon even I can bend paper at will (with the power of my hands, if not my mind).

    Glad to have you taking part though, Bridget. And it's perfectly fine for you just to dip in and out as you please :)

  2. Yay for Read Or Die! Great blog name :) See you in the cpd23sphere. p.s. Excellent font.

  3. @Helen Yes Read or Die! (And to clarify, Yoriko Readman is a papermaster, she can make paper bulletproof and durable enough to use as a weapon, which is cooler than I made it sound :) )

    @dpgreen Thank you! At least someone appreciates true culture! ;)

  4. I love the name - agent paper! Brilliant! I can relate to being a lurker too, so this is a very good way of making me comment on other people's blogs as well!

  5. I love Read or Die! Just as well you went with Agent Paper and not Miss Deep - you may have given people the wrong impression. Great idea to use it for the blog. Don't worry I'm not some weird manga fan (ok I am a little) I discovered you on the cpd23 rss bundle. I was a lurker too before I started cpd23 - I'm trying to get myself out of the habit of reading and not commenting, hence then comment.

    @Helen Murphy - you should watch it, it's rather good, she even makes a glider out of 1000s of sheet of paper to hold about 3 people in less than a second.