Wednesday, 13 July 2011

Commenting verses Lurking


I love reading other peoples thoughts about librarianship and blogging. I have a few favorites tucked inside my RSS reader, I've always enjoyed hearing what
the wikiman and Library Wanderer have to say. One of the things I love about these 23 things courses that it gives you a lot more to peruse and ponder.

I have gone down the very large cpd23 list and picked out some geek-influenced names such as Oracle: Librarian of Prey, who I now know has a very interesting blog. I have also been guided by my favorite bloggers, which has led me to CPD, by George another well written blog. No doubt I will find more lovely bloggers out there as I continue to read my way through!

Not Lurking

I will persevere with commenting. Commenting on other people's blogs is something that I think will slowly reap rewards the more I do it. For me commenting and blogging are ultimately about becoming more out-spoken in the discussion surrounding libraries and library issues.


  1. Really interesting post, the title caught my eye on the cpd blog list.

    I read a lot of blogs but rarely comment. My aim for the next couple of months is to become more confident at constructing well thought out and interesting responses to blog posts. I love recieveing comments on my own blog, it always makes me feel pleased to know that someone felt my writing was worth a response. So with that in mind I aim to be more forthcoming with commenting.

  2. Thank you! Do you mind if I copy your aim? That sounds like a great plan. Did you blog in the Oxford 23 Things? I think I remember reading a Theatregrad's blog! What is your current blog called?